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"It is a proven scientific fact."

I really gotta wonder if this is a joke:

Faith Of Britain Day is a day that focuses all of the positive energy in the country towards achieving our hopes and aspirations. For exactly two minutes on March 6th at 11.00am our consortium of psychics and healers will act as a channel for the positive thoughts of the entire country.

Why March 6th at 11.00am?

March 6th has been chosen as Faith of Britain Day because March is a time of seeing light emerging from the darkness of Winter, therefore emphasising hope in an unsure world. Numerologically this date is symbolic because the 3rd month, the 6th day and the 9th year are all multiples of 3 which is about balance - which is what we strive to achieve as humans. The time, 11.00am is a master number, or a powerful 2 (1 + 1) which is the duality of the inner and outer self, encouraging us to look within to find solutions.

The woo just keeps getting better. Here's another passage that I particularly loved:

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World Ordered New

Hello, I'm reeling with a lot of new ideas gathered from you people, and this is a rewrite of my first blog entry which basically sucked.

Here's one of the main reasons I came here.

My brain was altered by the Methodists' "dogmagicians" starting when I was almost 6 years old.

Before then, my agnostic dad kept religion out of my life and off my back, but my mother couldn't live with herself, let alone anyone else, so she split and I got moved into her parents' home and church.

Something has to give, when the people you love and trust tell you with a straight face that a guy was killed and then a few days later, he woke up and walked out of the tomb and flew up to heaven where he's been hanging out ever since, waiting for the big day.

So what exactly is it that gives?

Kids in the cult I was forced into get the dogma drill around 5 or 6, by which time they've begun to feel good about their ability to figure things out for themselves.

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Your tax dollars at work.

So. Would you be at all surprised to find out that over the last 50 years your tax dollars have gone to support such things as remote viewing, spoon bending, even attempts to walk through walls or kill with a thought?

Probably not, if you've been paying attention to what your government has been up to, and the strangeness that surrounds any authoritarian organization such as the US military and (so-called) intelligence agencies. But to see it all nicely wrapped up in three one-hour long programs for the UK Channel 4 is something else altogether. From the Google video site hosting the programs:

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Three years in the making, Jon Ronson’s Crazy Rulers of the World explores the apparent madness at the heart ... all » of US military intelligence.

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Just ask the Buddhist monks...

Ah, so a has-been pop musician from the 60's is going to open up a new "meditation-based college" and solve all his country's problems. From the AP story:

EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) — Donovan, famous for '60s pop hits such as "Hurdy Gurdy Man" and "Mellow Yellow," has announced plans to open the Invincible Donovan University, where students will adhere to the principles of transcendental meditation.

"I know it sounds like an airy-fairy hippie dream to go on about '60s peace and love," said the 61-year-old singer, who was born Donovan Leitch in the Maryhill area of Glasgow. "But the world is ready for this now, it is clear this is the time."

Um, sure, Donovan - there hasn't been anyone else who has done something like this. Go for it, buddy.

According to the news report, he's hooked up with David Lynch to build this school. Why?

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A thought experiment...

So, here's a little thought experiment, in two parts. I would appreciate your comments on each part, as you see fit. And whatever you say in response, also consider your initial reaction (which you don't have to disclose).

Here's the scenario: You need to have a brain tumor removed. It's a tricky operation, but there's generally a 90% success rate across the medical field with it. There is also the usual 3 - 4% chance of developing a post-operative infection, and something like 1% chance of complications due to anesthesia. Your insurance will cover the entire cost of the procedure and hospitalization regardless of which choices you make to the questions below, so expense is not a factor (hey, I didn't say this was realistic).

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"Are you with me, Doctor Woo?*"

(*with apologies to Steely Dan)

So, a couple days ago, I was hitting some of my usual haunts, and on MeFi came across a link to something truly amazing: the most advanced personal energy system available today!

Personal energy system? Huh? Some kind of new sports drink? Maybe a reworked diet fad? Or a new way to charge your, uh, personal massagers?

Nope. They're talking Sympathetic Resonance Technology! Wow! Even the name is impressively scientifical! What is Sympathetic Resonance Technology? I'm glad you asked:

The Q-Link’s fundamental technology can be understood by imagining a tuning fork that vibrates at a certain pitch. Similarly, the Q-Link’s Sympathetic Resonant Technology™ (SRT™) is tuned to optimize the human energy system through resonance. As it interacts with your biofield, it leads to a rebalancing and restoration according to your individual needs.

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And for a little fun...'s an odd little (er, make that huge) site with a bit of a confused agenda: ALIENSHIFT, Time Travel, Pole Shift, MARS, 2012, UFO, Aliens.

Here's just a little taste:

PLANS WERE FORMULATED TO DEFEND THE EARTH IN CASE OF INVASION. Great difficulty was encountered in maintaining international secrecy. It was decided that an outside group was necessary to coordinate and control international efforts in order to hide the secret from the normal scrutiny of governments by the press. The result was the formation of a secret ruling body which became known as the Bilderberger Group. The group was formed and met for the first time in 1952. They were named after the first publicly known meeting place, the Bilderberg Hotel. That public meeting took place in 1954. They were nicknamed the Bilderbergers. The headquarters of this group is Geneva, Switzerland. The Bilderbergers evolved into a secret world government that now controls everything. The United Nations was then, and is now, an international joke.

I give it a rating of about .6 Timecubes.

Jim Downey

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So, these three guys walk into a panel discussion...

Over the next week or so I'll be writing a lot about some of the things I saw/heard/experienced at the Heinlein Centennial this past weekend. It was a fantastic, and for me, transformative experience, which will play out in interesting ways for some time, I think. Here on UTI I will be posting things related to religion, Heinlein, and private space ventures (the last I will also be posting on dKos). On my own blog I will also be posting more personal stuff which not everyone here may find of interest. This will not be in any kind of order, and this first item was in fact just about the last thing that happened over the weekend.

Jim D


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"The most important invention in human history."

What's that? Zero-point energy? Perpetual motion?

How about ALEX CHIU'S IMMORTALITY DEVICE. Or maybe the Gorgeouspil. Because, you know, while the Immortality Rings work, they might take too long to make you perfect. So, for a small additional charge, you can get the Gorgeouspil, which when used in conjunction with the Immortality Rings, is pretty damn cool.

*Sigh* What a world of woo.

Of course, any good Christian will tell you that this stuff doesn't work - only the power of Jesus! will make you immortal. Though, of course, the everlasting life only happens after you're dead. Minor little thing.

This, my friends, is what happens when people stop thinking.

Jim Downey

Via MeFi.

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The Truth About Mars

Hey earthians, give up on all that bowing down to mythical gods, and do like the Martians do: give a twice daily observance to the Great Infinite Creative Source!

Because now we have a first-hand account of how the Martians live in their huge underground cities:

Martian cities are all underground and are connected together by huge oval metal tubes from 300 to 500 ft in diameter. Each city is built on the floor of a huge metal dome. These domes are sometimes 4 to 5 miles in diameter, and up to 3000 feet high. The cities are laid out like a wheel. The center hub is a very large circular structure which houses the various municipal and civic governmental departments. Underground is a very large atomic power plant for supplying the cities' needs.

All that, and much much more insanity can be found in The Truth About Mars: An Eyewitness Account., which in itself is just one small bit of nuttiness brought to you by the Unarius Academy of Science.

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Varghese And The Traitorous Bees

Roy Abraham Varghese, theistic apologist and god-bothering author from the "Institute of Metascientific Research", was recently interviewed by the Dallas Observer. Varghese is widely credited as "the man who won over Anthony Flew", and is now currently working on a book called "There Is A God" with Flew.

Varghese is an interesting character because his contention is that without a meta-intelligence, all science devolves into incoherence if you drill-down deep enough, or pull back far enough.

It's a lot of pseudo-scientific nonsense of course, a philosophically slick update to the theistic evolutionist's mantra.

More below the fold...

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How do you prove photography to a blind man?

In a two-year old post by Skeptico (via MeFi), that question is the vehicle by which a rational discussion of psychic abilities procedes. It's well worth reading, as are the subsequent comments.

Like religion, or faith healing, it would be great if psychic abilities did exist in some ways. But science just can't back up such claims, not at this point in time, anyway. For my novel I stipulate a scientific discovery which leads to understanding and using such abilities in a limited way, but I take some pains to make it clear that there are rational reasons why this works. In other words, I see the question as one not of "faith" or magic, but of using our intelligence and technology to improve our understanding of the universe around us.

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Medium Well Done

For those of you who, like me, watch "Medium" for it's unintentionally hilarious depiction of Arizona "psychic" Alison DuBois by actress Patricia Arquette, MadTV has produced a brilliant and very funny parody of the show.

"I, I don't understand. Dreams?"

"Yes, dreams. I have a dream every week that helps you solve a murder. Every week."


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Jesus lived, moved to Japan, died at 106...

No, really. See, his younger brother swapped places with him on the Cross, allowing Jesus to slip away, move to Japan and become a rice farmer who lived to age 106. It's all here.

Actually, that site is pretty good because the first part is all the BS, the last part is debunking the nonsense. And it has some pretty pictures of Japan. Pretty clearly, the whole thing was cooked up back in the '30s in order to draw tourists.

But of course the THIAOOUBA kooks actually believe this crap. Reading their page about it is an exercise in just how blind people can wilfully be when it suits their purpose.

(Via MeFi)

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