How To Vote For A Blog Post

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Hi Folks,

Here's how to vote for a blog post:

1. Become a registered user at UTI.
2. Login to your account at UTI.
3. Scroll down and in the block on the left with your username as the heading (your personal menu), click the "recommend a post" link.
4. Locate the post you would like to vote on, then click the title of the post. You may also click on the title of the post in the "Most recent blog posts" block on the right.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the post, then cast your vote with the "Moderate Post" drop-down box. Vote a post up or down.

When a personal blog post receives 2 votes, it will be promoted to the front page of UTI. This number will probably go up in the next few days, depending on traffic and the volume of posts, but right now is your chance to get on the front page before we make it a little more difficult.

Thanks for being a UTI user, and I really look forward to reading your stuff!

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