Dinesh D'Souza Is An Irrational Bigot

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In these days after the horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech, most folks, theist and atheist alike, are offering their heartfelt sympathy and support for the family and friends of the innocents who were killed.

But not D'Souza. He decided that it would be a great idea to write an op-ed piece and call atheists a bunch of evil nihilists - for not being more visible during the aftermath.

[link] Notice something interesting about the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings? Atheists are nowhere to be found.

What complete and utter horseshit. Atheists are to be found in about the same numbers as reflected in their percentage of the population. Atheists have suffered exactly the same as everyone else, there are just less of us.

D'Souza's a delusional bigot, but he aptly demonstrates the fundamental misconception that most theists have about atheism. That misconception is that they think that atheism is a religion.

It's not. It is a description. It describes a person in which god-belief - of any kind - is absent.

Atheism does not have a rulebook, a set of instructions, relief organizations, a hierarchy, a meeting hall, or scriptures.

Individual people are atheists individually. The only thing they share is a lack of god-belief.

D'Souza is a tool with an irrational fear of an atheist strawman that does not exist. Of course, he also believes in a magical man in the sky who does not exist, so this is not too surprising.

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Religion and disasters.

I am reminded of an interview with someone on TV...

She got on a plane. Mid-flight, an electrical fault in the entertainment system caused the insulation of the plane and its wireing to ignite. After some time, the smoke reached the cabin, followed by open flames. Most of the passangers died of aspixiation in-flight. When the plane was successfully landed, several more were crushed in the panic to get out due to the blinding smoke. The woman recieved severe burns, but was one of the few survivors.

In the interview, she stated her conviction that she had been personally saved during the accident by God, and held up a chared bible she had been carrying during the flight as 'proof' of this.

No media producer wants to interview an atheist, because they really dont have much to say. They dont give a speech about how God helped them survive or cope afterwards. The most they can offer is a shrug and "Stuff happens, we just have to manage as best we can."

The exception to this is the anti-theist - an atheist who not only lacks belief, but has a personal dislike of religion in general. This class of atheist can be counted on to give an angry rant attacking all the Christians for their time spent praying, providing much entertainment for the viewers as they laugh at his ramblings.

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I see D'Souza has dragged

I see D'Souza has dragged his straw-man out into the living room to start humping it in front of the guests again. Wingnut rule: never miss the opportunity to make frothing, irrelevant rants after tragedies.

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Also works...

Wingnut rule: never miss the opportunity to make frothing, irrelevant rants after tragedies.

Also works for Fred Phelps and his Westbororororo Baptist Traveling Comedy Show. Hey, maybe *those* are the religious guys that Dinesh was bragging on about giving comfort and support...

Jim Downey

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My two cents

I replied to D'Souza thusly, but the comment never showed up (though to be fair, they did publish quite a number of critical comments):

Where were the atheists? Well, the difference between us and religionists is that we aren't a bunch of ghouls who crawl out of the woodwork and exploit a tragedy like this to push our virulent mind-virus. We respect the survivors and the bereaved by mourning with them simply as fellow humans, not demanding invitations to speechify in order that we can advance an agenda.

- No More Mr. Nice Guy!

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Someone get him on the phone

It's the old bullshit about no atheists in foxholes.

1) It is demonstrably untrue (ask a chaplain... a real one, like my father)
2) The press doesn't like talking to atheists unless they exhibit stereotypical behaviour, i.e., we must look and act like that moron Marilyn Manson so they can have a good laugh at how silly atheists are.
3) Let's face it, we are pretty boring. Although we probably have more sympathy than most and probably wouldn't want to spoil the solemnity of the occasion, if pushed we may be as liable to jump into an intellectual diatribe at all the reactionary religiosity inherent in any fear-arousing situation as any faithist is to talk about how god is healing them while remaining silent on the fact that god's reaction time is too slow to actually help anyone, e.g., all those being buried.
4) We just aren't good at patting people on the head and offering supernatural solace and we probably don't have too much interest in making political football out of someone's personal tragedy.

"You better start giving me some inner peace before I mop the floor with you." - Homer S.


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