Carnival Of The Godless (Late) Christmas Edition

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Welcome to the December 23, 2007 edition of carnival of the godless. Yes, yes, I know it's very late. I've been busy, and apparently my host for this last one never posted it. Sorry about that folks!

Stefan Monsaureus presents Resistance is Not Futile posted at Polypyloctomy.

Greta Christina presents Atheist Funerals posted at Greta Christina's Blog, saying, "What do you want for your atheist funeral? And as an atheist, should you even care?"

The Midwestern Gentleman presents Fundie 101: We're all very, very naughty posted at The Midwestern Gentleman.

Shaun Connell presents The Pursuit of Happiness posted at Reason and Capitalism.

JavaElemental presents Getting My Rant On. posted at Coffee House Poetry, saying, "Concerning the controversy surround the movie, "The Golden Compass"."

Bad presents Why is God?s Grace Exactly Like No Grace? Colorado Church Shootings and Atheists Grieving. posted at The Bad Idea Blog.

Martin freedman presents We want good schools not god schools posted at No Double Standards, saying, "We want good schools not god schools"

Greg Laden presents Greg Laden's Blog : Ohio School District: WTF???? posted at Greg Laden's Blog.

mark presents God disputes God posted at AUTHOR.

Jim Craft presents It's Hard to Be an Atheist on Christmas posted at The Apostasist.

Stephen Littau presents Atheist Atrocities? (Part 1 of 3) posted at Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds, saying, "This is a 3 part series; the host may link only the fist post or all 3 (Though the first post link should be sufficient; if readers are interested enough in the topic, there are links in the post which leads to the next)"

Francois Tremblay presents Beliefs about belief. posted at Francois Tremblay.

Hell's Handmaiden presents Holier than thou? God-Damnit! posted at Hell's Handmaiden.

Mike Haubrich presents The P.I.G. to Book Reviews posted at Tangled Up in Blue Guy, saying, "This is a bit beyond the pale. Robert J. Hutchinson reviews his own book, without even choosing a pseudonym. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible."

Greta Christina presents How Sweet the Sound: Atheism and Religious Music posted at Greta Christina's Blog, saying, "Meditations on a problem: Since I've become an atheist blogger, religious music -- including beautiful music that I love -- has become irritating and unlistenable. How do atheists get past this?"

Aaron Powell presents What Atheism Offers: Freedom from Sin posted at Symbolic Order.

Felicia Gilljam presents Questions for Atheists posted at Life before death.

Andrew Fox presents The Religion You Can't Escape posted at Sexy Secularist!, saying, "Thoughts on "Cultural Judaism.""

Sexo Grammaticus presents The True Meaning of Christmas posted at 1585, saying, "1585 blogs about the war on, and the true meaning of, Christmas."

Siamang presents Catholic Coloring Book Warns Children posted at the eBay atheist, saying, "“Being Friends, Being Safe, Being Catholic” is mostly pretty innocuous, with pages of general safety, piety and charity. But then there’s the page included above. A smiling angel warns of the dangers of being alone in some very Christian room while the altar boy reaches into some sack...."

Doctor Biobrain presents Living in a Secular World posted at And Doctor Biobrain's Response Is..., saying, "I've always been a really big fan of everything you've ever done and think your breath smells like honey-baked ham (and yes, I mean that in the good way). Keep up the good work! We really need more people like you, whoever you are."

John Wilson presents The real nativity posted at Armchair Dissident, saying, "First-time submission: Christian think-tank Theos recently proclaimed that Christmas is dead, because only 1 in 8 people knew details behind the nativity story. I noted that there was no one right answer to any of their questions. I thought it might be appropriate just before christmas :) And I only just missed the deadline for the last carnival!"

Curmudgeonly Yours presents The Illusion of Free Choice posted at The Mutt's Nuts.

Blaine presents Patience is Key posted at, saying, "This article isn't about atheism, it's more of a value that I hold dear as an atheist. In the article, my beliefs on "Change" and how it affects everything we do was inspired by what I learned about evolution, and how everything must change or it will wither and die."

Steve Snyder/SocraticGadfly presents John Haught straw-mans atheism in the name of progressive theology posted at The Philosophy of the Socratic Gadfly, saying, "A deconstruction of John Haught's straw-man atheism, used by him to justify a "new" rehash of Tillich, process theology, etc."

Robert McNally presents Claims vs. the Other Three C’s posted at Ironwolf, saying, "Contrasts the major value of the non-theist world view, the strength of factual Claims, vs the major drivers of the theist world view: Comfort, Culture, and Coercion."

Greg Laden presents The Bible-Thumping Grinch who Pissed on Christmas posted at Greg Laden's Blog.

Ron Britton presents Robertson and the Holiday Tree posted at Bay of Fundie.

Shorisha presents What First Amendment? posted at State of Protest, saying, "What First Amendment? encourages parental rational activism while discussing the duplicitous and biased public school system with regard to student organizations and the prohibition against religious establishment."

C. L. Hanson presents The "War on Christmas" and the war on being considerate to others... posted at Letters from a broad..., saying, "A few remarks about the crusaders for Christmas and their holy war to keep "goodwill to all" out of their Christmas celebration."

Chris Chynoweth presents Red Bull Christmas commercial : Jesus posted at DropKick MonKey.

Jason Mueller presents Atheism in the 21st Century posted at Over Ten Years Serving the Reading Public, saying, "Ten year professional writer, Jason Mueller presents a stark view of atheism in the 21st Century. Contractual writing services are available through the webpage via the Contact Form if interested in featuring specialized and immaculate pieces of writing on your website or in your publication."

Mutha presents State of Protest » I Love Lucy posted at State of Protest.

Cheerful Iconoclast presents Competitive Grovelling posted at cheerful iconoclast, saying, "Discussion of an article regarding the Muslim practice of praying hard enough to leave a visible mark on one's forehead."

Alonzo Fyfe presents A Speech Proposal posted at Atheist Ethicist.

vjack presents Does Hoping For An End To Religion Make Me Intolerant? posted at Atheist Revolution.

A.C. Chase presents Christmas Cards Offend Christians posted at Alexander the Atheist.

Mark A. Rayner presents The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Winter Festival Edition) posted at The Skwib.

Cheerful Iconoclast presents Huckabee and the Theocrats posted at cheerful iconoclast, saying, "Mike Huckabee breaks bread with Christian Reconstructionists"

King Aardvark presents Shoeboxes Full of (bribes) Love posted at King Aardvark's Kick in the Nuts.

arensb presents Christmas Hermeneutics posted at Ooblog.

John Remy presents School Board Removes Christian Classic from Library Shelves posted at Mind on Fire., saying, "This is meant to be a sly, satirical poke in the eye of Catholic and Baptist censors (Golden Compass, Harry Potter). I hope the ridiculousness seeps through. It's easy to imagine religious censors; more difficult to picture American secularists attempting to do the same."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of the godless using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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a title correction

Thanks for including my post. A quick title correction. My post was called "Does Hoping For An End To Religion Make Me Intolerant?" Thanks.

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Thanks for the heads up!

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Worth a look

I've only read a handful of these so far, but one I highly recommend is called Questions for Atheists by Felicia Gilljam. Thankfully she skipped the usual tedious questions about morality, Hitler and evolution and tackled some more interesting, less common topics.

Where can I find an atheist book, website, magazine, etc. that doesn’t mock or attack or deride religious people or beliefs, but only puts forth a positive vision of what it is to be an atheist?

As an Atheist, what is the one thing you would like Christians to understand about you?

Ok, so I’ve just seen the Golden Compass and was wondering if Atheists believe that we have souls?

How different do you believe atheists and theists are, really?

It's too late for me because I have already read her answers, but it would be an interesting exercise to answer these questions yourself before reading her essay.

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Thanks and a Minor Correction

Yay Carnival! Thanks for hosting and posting this time around.

One minor quibble: Andrew Fox (moi) isn't the one presenting the 1585 article on The True Meaning of Christmas, I just submitted it. Sexo Grammaticus is the author. I wish I could say that I'd written that piece, but alas, I cannot.

Merry Carnival and a Happy New Year!

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Thanks for the correction

Thanks for the correction!

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