Hellbound Allee Is My Hero

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Ray "The Banana" Comfort, who works with our good buddy Kirk "The Atheist Fighter" Cameron to produce videos showing the world what a couple of boobs they are, appeared on the Hellbound Allee Show...

...and conceded the "Banana Argument" to Allee! Wow! Great job, Allee!

[link] Hellbound Alleee : I'm just saying that, that there are very few plants, and we argue - with some environmentalists a lot who don't believe in bioengineered food, because all, because most of the food that we eat of course is farmed, and is done through horticulture, and we've engineered these - these fruits and vegetables to be more tasty to us. So actually, the banana seems to be not, not made by God at this point, it's more like um... what, what came first, the banana or the hand ? [laugh] You know ? Man took the banana and made it better for man...

Ray Comfort : Okay, you've got that one. You can have the banana.

Francois Tremblay : WE WIN ! WE WIN ! WE'VE WON THE BANANA !


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potato potato?


yeah, actually if you guys read the entire transcript, the banana argument plays a very insignificant role. its a light hearted prop, and although alee and franc don't agree with him, they were actually glad to talk to him!

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God loves tapeworms

I wonder why nobody ever points out that humans are perfect hosts for beef tapeworms. So, if Comfort and his pals are going to say that everything from cows to bananas are designed for the benefit of humans, one could by extension say that they were perfectly designed for beef tapeworms. So many the tapeworms are actually the organisms most favored by God.

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my favorite fruit

No, not the banana, Ray Comfort. These two should join the circus. I love this skit. It's hilarious. I wonder who wrote it.

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Alleee and Franc

Yeah, Alleee and Franc are great - except, of course, in regard to their MORAL OBJECTIVISM. But that's another debate, which has been raging quite a bit on a few blogs. Who would have thought that I'd be in the minority as a moral relativist?

In any case, I definitely respect the fact that they allow a relativist/nihilist to participate in Vox Populi. It's a testament to their dedication to free thought.

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That debate raged a while ago...

...only on different blogs. There was a series about it on Majikthise, complete with a very long and productive comment thread about moral absolutism, moral relativism, and moral skepticism (the agnostic position, i.e. there might be absolute morals, but we don't know them and are unknowingly committing wanton immorality).

By the way, pardon my ignorance, but what is Vox Populi?

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By the way, pardon my ignorance, but what is Vox Populi?

Right here: http://www.hellboundalleee.com/voxpopuli/

It's a quality program.

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Vox Populi

It is Allee's radio show's name, I think.

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thanks goodness!

I've been having nightmares about bananas for the last 2 weeks! Now I can get back to sleeping peacefully, safe in my belief of a godless universe, complete with bananas.

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If it were true...

If the banana argument were true, wouldn't everything be roughly banana-shaped?

Tales to Astonish!

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