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The Skeptic's Circle Saloon (SC #69)

The ride had been long, but coming back to the town of Skeptic's Circle after being away for nearly two years felt good.

My appy mare smelled the fresh hay layed in next to the livery about a mile out of town and I let her prance a bit. I looked to my left and grinned. This time the UTI brand was represented well. Jim Downey, my ranch manager, trotted his horse alongside mine, his Sharps 50 rifle riding high in it's scabbard, the vernier sights packed away in their own leather pouch. Rick Ulrey, a former soldier, rode slightly behind us, his eyes scanning our backtrail for sign. Hank Fox, a grizzled veteran of many skeptical campaigns, rode ahead. Eric Lorson, brought up the rear, his oiled-leather guitar case strapped where a long rifle scabbard would normally go, his crossed pistols secured with leather.

My old partner DS, who had been with me two years ago when we came in to town, had started working for the Kos brand a while back, and from what I'd heard was doing good work there. Not that I ever doubted it. DS was a hell of a hard worker.

As we got closer I noticed that the town of Skeptic's Circle was...

(This one ran a lot longer than I thought it would, folks. There were a lot of submissions! If you want to skip reading the story, and instead just have a plain-jane list of links, you can find them here. Thanks for reading! -Brent)

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Skeptic's Circle (SC #69) - Plain Jane Links List

Here you go!

  1. Steve Snyder from The Socratic Gadfly - World-renowned scientist wants new 9/11 investigation, but unfortunately appears to be adding to conspiracy thinking
  2. Trent M. Toulouse from RationalWiki - Non-Materialist Neuroscience
  3. Jeffperado from The Big Picture - The Noah's Ark Challenge
  4. Berlzebub - What Are The Odds?
  5. Evangelical Realism - 3d Noah's Ark Imagery
  6. Whorechurch from My Other Blog Is A Porsche - Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theorists
  7. Runolfr - Yet Another Chain-Letter Hoax
  8. Greta Christina - Does The Emperor Have Clothes?
  9. Greta Christina - Literally (I couldn't work this one into the story, but here's the link. -Brent)
  10. Blake Stacey - Stuart Pivar Sues PZ Myers!
  11. Blake Stacey - PR Flacks for Pivar!
  12. Peter A. Lipson, M.D. - Will Vitamin C Save Your Life?
  13. Bad Idea - Is Microwaving an unhealthy way to cook your Compact Discs?
  14. Paul of Aurora Walking Vacation - Bigger Than Jesus
  15. Mark from Denialism Blog - Mythbusting Is Harder Than You Think!
  16. Akusai of Action Skeptics! - The Poverty Of UFO Photography
  17. Adam of Daylight Atheism - On Incorruptibility
  18. Factician at Conspiracy Factory - Oy journalists
  19. Dr. Martin Rundkvist of Aardvarchaeology - The Intelligence of Game-Playing Software
  20. Christian Bachmann of Med Journal Watch - But he has nothing on!
  21. Sandy Szwarc of Junkfood Science - Mythbusters: Are the odds stacked against us?
  22. Richard of Skeptico - The Parsimony of the Multiverse
  23. Orac of Respectful Insolence - An embarrassing critique of "The Enemies of Reason"
  24. Orac of Respectful Insolence - How "evidence-based" is evidence-based medicine?

Until next time at the Conspiracy Factory on September 27, 2007. Thanks for letting me host! Get your submissions in!

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54th Skeptic's Circle

The 54th Skeptic's Circle is up over at Action Skeptics! Check out the adventures of "Jack Bixby, Skeptical Investigator."

Very nicely done! Reminds me of my own Skeptic's Circle hosting privilege a while back - the Skeptic's Circle Saloon.

I need to sign up to host again one of these days...

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38th Skeptics Circle Is Up

Thirsty for truth? try Skeptic Cola at the 38th Skeptics Circle over at Skeptic Rant.

Very refreshing indeed!

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Carnival Of The Godless Number 37


The 37th Carnival Of The Godless has been posted at Neural Gourmet! And what a great read it is! Be a heathen. C'mon. All the other cool kids are skipping Sunday School and staying home to read the latest COTG. What are ya? Chicken? *bok bok bok!*

The next COTG, number 38, will be held on April 16, 2006 over at A Rational Being. Submissions can be sent to

Want to host a future COTG? Send your hosting request to

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Carnival Of The Godless #35


The thirty-fifth Carnival Of The Godless has been posted at Naked Writing! And in the spirit of last-minute, belated procrastination, I'm posting the announcement here on UTI a day late!


The next COTG, number thirty-six, which is almost my age, if it was years, plus four years, which it's not, um... Where was I? Oh. Yes. COTG 36 will be held on March 19, 2006 over at Daniel Morgan's pad. Submissions can be sent to

Want to host a future COTG? Send your hosting request to *hint hint* GrrlScientist! Heh.

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Skeptics Circle #23

The 23rd Skeptics Circle has been posted over at Circadiana. Check it out!

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15th Skeptic's Circle Is Online!

The 15th Skeptic's Circle is online at Austin Cline's About Atheism.

Mmmn-mn! Now them's some dang good skeptical vittles, grandmaw!

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